Know the Process to Ignore Threads in Your AT&T Email Account by Calling at AT&T Email Support Number +1-888-664-3555

Many people were keen to know the process of ignoring threads on AT&T email account. We have bought a guide for them. If you are also among those, who are willing to know the procedure, then continue reading this post or call at AT&T email support number +1-888-664-3555.


What is the meaning of ‘Ignore thread’?

There are plenty of things and features in our mail which people may or may not be aware of. It is also a true fact that all these features are not useful for us. Today, we are going to discuss one such feature that is available in your AT&T email. This feature is called ignore thread feature. With this feature, you can skip all those conversations which are not important for you or you don’t want to read them. For more help and support, call at AT&T email support number +1-888-664-3555 and talk to technical experts.

How to ignore thethread?

To ignore a particular message, click on it and select ‘Ignore thread’ option from the given options. If you want to enable thread from thekeyboard, then you have to press ‘K’ key from it. For more help, contact AT&T email help number +1-888-664-3555.

When you enable ‘Thread’ then all the messages from the sender will get selected which you can un-select with the help of mouse. These messages will not get deleted and remain in your inbox. You will not find these messages again in the window pane. If you find that the messages are still showing, then you can contact AT&T email support.

If you want to restore or change the settings there after, you can do so by getting into settings.  If you have blocked any conversation in your email inbox, you won’t be able to receive notification related to that conversation. If you want to start getting notifications and replies from the blocked email, then contact our support team at AT&T email support number +1-888-664-3555.

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